Change kids’ lives by your generosity.


Join forces with us to financially support our ongoing efforts to mentor kids in life and faith.


More than just a donor.

We see our supporters as partners in transforming the lives of children. Your donation helps us to provide scholarships for kids, supplies for our programs, and internships for our mentors.

For many non profit organizations facilities are one of their biggest expense.  Fortunately at Cedoga Oufitters we’ve been blessed with a fully funded facility to utilize for our programs.  Therefore every dollar you donate goes directly towards kids scholarships, equipment for activities, or for internships for our mentors.

Cédoga Outfitters is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Cost shouldn’t be a barrier.

Your donation allows us to support students who may not be able to typically afford an experience like this. With your help, we’re able to offer high-quality programs in a safe environment led by staff and volunteers who are skilled and trained in their area.

This gives a greater reach to share the Gospel and impart valuable truths to young people.


Let’s make a difference together.


This is more than just a fun gig for us, although it is fun. This is our way of having a direct impact on the next generation and leaving a legacy of faith.

When you give to us, you’re helping us achieve this mission of transformation in their lives.